XCATER is an online platform which connects Chef’s and Caterers with Consumers. It enables consumers to access caterers and allows caterers to offer their services to a wide range of food enthusiasts who may want to expand their choices beyond restaurants and eat diverse foods at a reasonable cost.

  1. Who can be a Caterer on XCATER?
  2. Anyone! Licensed professionals, home makers, amateur chefs, etc.

  3. Do I need to open an account on XCATER to offer services?
  4. Yes! You must register as a caterer to offer your services.

  5. What information do I need to provide to open an account on XCATER?
  6. Both Caterers & Consumers are required to register to avail services on XCATER.

  7. Is there a Fee to be a caterer on XCATER?
  8. Not at this time. We will not be taking any percentage of the transaction as of now. At this point, it is a free service.

  9. Does XCATER provide any insurance to uninsured caterers?
  10. No! We do not provide any insurance and it will be the responsibility of the caterer to insure himself/herself. Those caterers who are not insured will be identified as not insured to the consumer who will be placing order.

  11. How do the Caterers get paid by the customers?
  12. Caterers can be paid by Cash or Credit Card. Those who accept credit cards will be identified on our App.

  13. What is the benefit to sign-up on XCATER?
  14. The caterer will be accessible to all the households in their locality, the potential customers. Please check the link https://xcater.com/knowxcater to know more on "why you should join XCATER?"

  15. Would Caterers be graded?
  16. Yes! Consumers will grade the Caterer and will be barred to offer services if he/she receives two negative points out of 10 transactions.

  17. When would you be launching?
  18. We plan to launch in June in Washington, DC area and focus on California, New York, London, Dubai and in India

  19. Will XCATER resolve any dispute?
  20. No! Consumers and Caterers will have to resolve their disputes directly. Repeated negative ranking of a caterer will bar him from providing services forever.

  21. Who is Funding XCATER?
  22. V-Empower, Inc. (www.v-empower.com) and few Angel Investors have provided funding.

  23. Is XCATER looking for Investors?
  24. You can contact one of our founder shukoor@v-empower.com for details and XCATER is not looking actively for any investors as of now.

  25. How would I be a preferred Caterer?
  26. Positive reviews will keep you on top searches.

  27. How could I build my brand?
  28. Caterers will have to meet and exceed customer’s expectation in order to maintain high ranking and ensure his/her reputation is stellar in quality, price and services.

  29. How can I create a Menu?
  30. The caterer is able to create a menu, once their registered profile is approved by the administrator. The caterer will have access to self explanatory interface to add their menu items from "Add Menu Item" form. Menu items are base dishes, which once populated in the system can be selected in various combinations to make menus from "Create Menu" interface. As a caterer, under your dashboard, you will have few help tips and videos to manage on your own. For further help, you can always contact the online help or email us to "support@xcater.com"

  31. Who will do the delivery?
  32. A caterer will provide the delivery service and it will be shown in the search to the consumer if a particular Caterer does delivery or not. Also, a consumer can search for only those Caterers who can deliver if he/she is looking for the food to be delivered.

  33. Who will bear the delivery responsibility?
  34. The caterer will be responsible if he/she offers the delivery service. It will be highlighted if the caterer does not offer delivery service.

  35. Who will be responsible for the packaging of the Food?
  36. The caterer will be responsible for proper packaging of food so that it does not leak or gets damaged during the transportation of the food.

  37. What is the minimum guarantee of orders for caterers?
  38. We are starting off slowly. There is no guarantee of any order by XCATER. Those who are signing up early will have an edge by building up clientele and by positive consumer review.

  39. How do Caterers get paid?
  40. Consumer will be shown the cost of each order and any delivery charges. The transactions will take place between the Caterer and Consumer.

  41. What is the contact Information of XCATER?
  42. XCATER can be contacted via support@xcater.com and on this number via Text or Whatsapp or Viber or Telegram 980 292 2837.

Stay tuned for more additions in FAQs.